Whether We Stay or Go… We Need to Sort Brexit

I am happy that Labour made a commitment to get Brexit sorted within 6 months. I am also glad that Labour will give the public a final say on whether we ‘leave the EU with a deal’ or ‘remain within the EU’. I also respect that on the 23rd of June 2016, the majority of people in Stafford voted Leave. If Britain does go ahead with Brexit, we need to be fully assured that the NHS is not part of any future trade agreement.

As a Labour MP, I will uphold Labour’s promise to sort Brexit. I am deeply concerned about the stranglehold Brexit has placed on Parliament. Many people have suffered because of Parliament’s Brexit-induced stagnation over the last 3 years.

Take for example, Murray Menzies. Mr. Menzies, a semi-retired plumber, paid into a pension scheme for his employees, before it became compulsory for employers to offer such schemes. Mr. Menzies at the age of 71, due to the way pension law has evolved, now faces a hefty liability of almost £1.2 million. A private members bill was brought before Parliament to amend the law, such that small business owners do not face these impossible charges. That bill, along with so many others, fell by the wayside because of Brexit.

Another bill that faltered due to Brexit is the ‘Divorce (etc.) Law Review Bill’. One of the reforms contained within this bill is a change in the law so couples who have drifted apart can start divorce proceedings without blaming either party for the failure of the marriage.

‘The Domestic Abuse Bill’ has also become unstuck because of Brexit. This bill proposed a definition of domestic abuse to help people understand what it is and what rights / responsibilities they have in tackling it. This bill represented years of work by both domestic abuse survivors and domestic abuse experts.

People in all walks of life have been disadvantaged by the dysfunction in Parliament. It is time to sort Brexit and put the country back on its feet for the benefit of the many.