30 Hours Free Childcare for 2-4 Year Olds

A Labour Government is good news for families. Labour are going to give 30 hours of high quality free childcare each week to 2,222 children aged between two and four years old in the Constituency of Stafford.

Labour have also outlined plans to reverse the Conservatives cuts to Sure Start, opening 1,000 new Sure Start centres in England.

The provision of free high quality childcare is real change that the next Labour Government will bring to people’s lives. This will make life and work much easier for the parents of young families.

Not only will this save families thousands of pounds each year, but the provision of a high standard of childcare will reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers.

When children start school, aged 5, the attainment gap between disadvantaged and more advantaged children has been measured at 4.3 months of learning. This gap grows as children progress through school, reaching 19.3 months (or nearly 2 years) by the time children leave secondary school.

I think Labour’s free childcare would have improved life for the many families that I have worked with as Health Visitor over the years. Saving £5,000 a year in childcare fees will ease stress and money worries. Knowing that children are well looked after and will achieve closer to their full potential will give parents peace of mind. This change will also help parents who want to return to the world of work and resume their careers – especially given that childcare costs have risen at twice the level of wages under the Conservatives.

These are just two the of changes Labour will make, as part of their plan to rebuild Britain and give everyone a fair chance. As your Labour MP, I will support these changes because they will help families and future generations in Stafford.