About Joyce Still

Joyce Still on the podium at Party Conference

Who is Joyce Still?

Joyce is originally from a working class area of Liverpool which provided limited life chances.

This early life experience gave her a first-hand understanding of inequality of opportunity and a lack of social justice. Joyce remembers vividly watching the students from Liverpool University take part in activities on Rag Day when she was a small child and knew that nobody from the street where she lived would be going to university. She finally made it to university as a mature student in her 40’s.

Working for over 40 years in the NHS as a nurse, midwife and now a Health Visitor she sees everyday in her working life how this Government’s privatisation and fragmentation agenda is having a negative effect on the lives of her clients. She frequently has to provide her clients with vouchers for the local food bank.

Joyce feels that her experience of bringing up a family whilst juggling demanding work and political commitments has kept her feet firmly on the ground and that is something that she would maintain and take with her into Parliament as a serving MP representing the constituents of Stafford

Why is Joyce standing for Stafford?

Joyce has seen first hand the extraordinarily detrimental effects of austerity on peoples lives. Joyce believes firmly in giving everyone a fair opportunity to succeed, irrespective of their background. For too long we have had a system that is weighted toward supporting an elite at the expense of the less well off.

Joyce recognises Stafford as town that needs inward investment and nurturing in order to create an environment in which local people thrive.

What voting for Joyce means for Stafford

Electing Joyce would mean that the residents of Stafford are no longer overlooked in favour of a flawed ideology that advantages the elite.

Joyce will fight for restoration of 24 A&E at Stafford’s County Hospital. Joyce will stand up for health services across the constituency, helping to ensure health care that remains free at point of use is available whenever it is needed, without long waits.

Joyce will stand up for education, helping to ensure:

  • Schools have all the resources they need
  • Tuition fees for university education are abolished
  • The adult education opportunities Stafford has lost in recent years are replaced

Joyce will campaign for our communities, calling for more police officers so that people feel safe and secure both in their homes and out and about throughout the constituencies.

Joyce will call for more funding to support community based activities, including day centres and activities for young people.

Joyce will help ensure that Stafford is ready for the green revolution as more investment is made in technology to address climate change.

As more and more jobs are automated out of existence, Joyce will fight to make sure Stafford is not left behind.

What voting for Joyce means for our country

Backing Joyce means backing a wide range of policies that will essentially put Britain back on the map as a world leader by:

  • Investing in education and further education
  • Investing in infrastructure
  • Investing in health
  • Investing in social care
  • Providing robust and fair taxation
  • Re-nationalising services
  • Protecting workers rights
  • Building an economy that does not compete on cost, but its own technical merits
  • Promoting green research and technology
  • Addressing climate change

How can you help?

If like Joyce, you are ready for a change that will put Stafford people first, there are many ways you can help, for example:

  • tell Joyce what you think Labour can do to help people in Stafford
  • spend an hour delivering leaflets in your street to help me stay in touch
  • come to a campaign event

If you would like to help, please contact Joyce.