Join the Labour Party

labour party manifesto launch 2017

Do you want equality of opportunity and social justice? Are you tired of austerity and fed up with the running down of our NHS? Concerned about cuts to, social care and other local services? Then perhaps you should think about joining the Labour Party.

The Labour Party does not rely wealthy donors whose main interest is keeping influence and power to increase their own wealth. Instead the Labour Party depends on the subscriptions and generosity of members and supporters. The Labour Party is a party of the people, for the people.

Joining the Labour Party will not only give you the opportunity to attend local meetings, it will give you the chance to shape party policy, both locally and nationally, and even become a candidate yourself.

Shortly after joining you will receive a welcome pack from The Labour Party which should be followed by an introductory email with details of the next CLP meeting from their local constituency or branch Labour Party.

For more details on pricing and to apply for membership, visit